Principal,s Desk

I extend a warm welcome to all new entrants being part of Roorkee Public Sr. Secondary School in coming session. I wish you all the best and I am sure that you will feel proud of this prestigious institution in your city.

Whole hearted co-operation and  mutual understanding between parents and the school. It provides utmost harmonious development to the personality of the child. Naturally parents thinks of their own children but the school has to take into consideration all round development of the children at large to realise this great objective. Our school has framed well defined guidelines, rules and regulations.

It is a fact that new session will begin soon with the best hope. In this session my keenest desire is to produce the best result of all the classes from Nursery to XII  and I will make all possible efforts to impart the best education to the children of the school so that they can acheive all the covetous position in all the fields , i.e.,  Games & Sports, co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

TO THE TEACHERS :-  You have a great responsibility on your shoulders to make the strong foundation of children because they are the hope of India and their adventurous spirit, their unbounded enthusiasm and devotion will lead our country to the highest peak of glory. So you are hereby requested to impart the best & qualitative education to the children of this school and contribute your constructive share to the development of society.

TO DEAR CHILDREN:- You can not receive anything from a teacher unless respect him/her and obey him/her. Paying due respect to your teachers and obey him/her. Paying due respect to your teachers and obeying at their instructions are the best means to learn everything from them.

TO PARENTS :- Being a principal of this school, I invite your valuable suggestions for the harmonious development of all the children studying in this prestigious public school of your city. In the end I would like to say that we shall give you what we promise.

Bhawna Tyagi