Leadership Program

The aim of leadership program is to provide a set of learners  with the connected source of information and platform required to become more competitive and performance ready at any given point of time. That will help them increase their effectiveness in making  the right choice in their career and position them for success”

At RPS we address the behavioral side of learners to achieve two outcomes: benefits realization and more employability. We ensure adoption and accountability of people side of chance , skills enhancement and organizational requirements through a pro-active , seamless mentorship program and process induction program tailored to specific and unique needs of 21st centuries learners.

The school offers a vast spectrum of career oriented training services to students. At RPS , we go believe;”There is a leader in every student “ The Effort is to draw out the inherent leadership traits from within every individual by providing opportunities to showcase them. Regular public speaking exercises are there to instill self-confidence . This also works to rid them of stage fear that cripple speakers the worldover. Children are encouraged to voice their opinions, put forth ideas and give presentations. Every child is given a specific responsibility in the public forum to teach her to be accountable.